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Courts & Equipment

With ANZ Tennis Hot Shots, the courts and equipment are smaller, and the balls don’t bounce as high – perfect for new players. And you don’t need a tennis court to play! Children can enjoy ANZ Tennis Hot Shots with their friends or family at home, school and at their local tennis club – all you need is a flat surface.

What is a low-compression ball?

Red, orange and green low-compression balls don’t bounce as high as a yellow ball, making them easier for children to hit. Watch these animations to find out why the red, orange and green balls are perfect for developing players.

Why low-compression balls are perfect for 10-and-under players

• Average heights of male and females combined (World Health Organisation, 2007)

• Maximum rebound height specifications for ITF approved tennis balls (ITF Rules of Tenins 2011)

Smaller courts

The courts are smaller too, which makes them easier for kids to play on. It also helps them develop realistic footwork patterns and encourages them to use all parts of the court. And the great thing is you don’t need a tennis court – you can play on any flat hard surface!

Like to build your own ANZ Tennis Hot Shots court? Download the ANZ Court Development Guide

Click each tab below for more information on the different size ANZ Tennis Hot Shots courts


  • The Red Court
  • The Orange Court
  • The Green Court

Smaller nets

Portable nets, which are used during the Red Stage on the red courts, come in sizes of 3 and 6 metres.

During the Orange and Green stages, the standard net is used, but it can be lowered depending on the players’ ability.


Choosing the correct size racquet for your child

Picking the right tennis racquet is crucial – if it’s too heavy or the wrong size the child will have trouble swinging the racquet and it could lead to injury. Your child should be able to hold the racquet comfortably when their arm is extended and be able to swing the racquet easily.

Also, make sure the grip is the right size for your child. Your child should be able to hold the racquet comfortably – if the grip is too big or too small, children will grip the racquet tighter. This can lead to injury and inhibit children from developing a fluent technique.

If in doubt, choose a smaller racquet until you are sure that your child is ready for a larger size racquet, the main thing is that the child feels comfortable using the racquet.

Where can I buy equipment?

Official ANZ Tennis Hot Shots equipment can be purchased online at the Australian Open Shop. Also, most tennis racquet manufacturers make affordable racquets for children, which can be purchased at many sporting goods retailers.

The Australian Open ShopRebel Sport and Big W all stock a range of tennis racquets and low-compression balls.