Tennis Programs Victoria

About Tennis Programs Victoria

Structure and Organisation

TPV uses a modern panel model coaching structure, with a head coach and support staff, focusing on the different components required to succeed at a competitive level.

This coaching group helps players master the maximum number of skills and abilities required to become successful competition players.  In consultation with the coaching director, coaches are assigned and rotated over periods of time with reference to:

  • the player's development stage in relation to their technical fundamentals, game style and mental skills
  • physical development and fitness
  • maturity

Tennis Programs Victoria

Point of difference / Values

The key element of TPV's point of difference is diversity. Diversity in the resources it brings to the development of junior players and the outcomes it helps the player achieve. TPV has an absolute commitment to variety in it's junior player development, so that the player's mindset is formed in the largest possible zone. TPV's aim is to provide players with a learning experience, aiding their personal/social development. Players must respect each other, opponents and staff. Players must display sportsmanship and be accountable for their actions. Players are expected to work co-operatively in practice and be supportive of peers when they compete. For this reason the program encourages players to compete in doubles tournament play with different partners, singles tournaments and club competitions. It is hoped players gain the conviction that you never lose until you stop fighting. It needs to be a fun, positive experience for the player and the parent. TPV has a professional relationship with specialist coaches, sports professionals and support staff.

TPV - A program for everyone...

Tennis Programs Victoria (TPV) brings a new approach to helping young players fulfill their tennis potential. TPV has a focus on bringing players from the beginner stage, to a well developed game style. It has the flexibility to deliver improved stroke production from the early beginner to the older player. TPV operates from Diamond Creek Tennis Club in Phipps Cresent, Diamond Creek, Westside Indoor Sports at corner of Grieve Parade and Dohertys Road, Altona North East Ringwood Tennis Club and Greensborough Secondary College.

TPV programs meet the challenge to maintain a continuing program, with access to diverse resources, that gives these young players:

exposure to a range of coaches who bring different strengths to the program in a coordinated way that delivers the technical fundamentals and develops a strong playing style wider access to coaching aids such as video analysis to help players visualise and correct their performance.

support of specialist coaches and sports professionals in areas such as movement, psychology and conditioning programs competitive variety they need to test and develop their game to their full potential

TPV has a commitment to work within the parameters and standards set by organisations such as Tennis Australia and their affiliated bodies. The coaches/staff have the enthusiasm and communication skills to engage and motivate junior players across age groups, from beginners to elite levels.